Customary Words by Liu Yuan


About this book

Liu Yuan compiled many works during his life, most of which are commentaries on the Chinese classics of Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism.

Customary Words is a pragmatic book bringing not only the essence of the Huai Xuan doctrine in a simple and concise words but also demonstrating the timelessness of the Huai Xuan principle.

185 pages Ebook PDF formatted, English with original Chinese.

Translation and commentary by Yaron Seidman

About the author

Liu Yuan (1768-1855 C.E.)

courtesy name Zhi Tang, another courtesy name Ne Ru, art name the Scholar of Qing Yang and the scholar of Bi Xia, was born at the 33rd year of Qing dynasty Qian Long era (1768), a person of Sichuan province, Shuangliu township village of Yun Xi Li.

A scholar of remarkable achievement who researched tirelessly the origins and meaning of life, the originator of the Huai Xuan school of thought.

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Customary Words by Liu Yuan